​Thanks to the 'Be the fibre. Be the change' indoor and red outdoor containers, you can donate your old clothes and play an active role in reducing textile waste in Belgium. Together with our partners, we make sure your clothes get a second life. And more than that! Because the proceeds of the clothes sold go to development projects. With be the fibre, we ensure that circular textiles are processed into high-quality accessories.

Be the fibre is a Belgian brand specialising in the production of textile circular products. Our products have a sustainable and ethical story, and are made from recycled and fibre-to-fibre materials.

By purchasing a be the fibre bag, you become a part of the fibre yourself. It is a conscious choice to be part of the necessary change.

What are we doing?


How do we proceed?

How we help?

Do you want to help?

Who are we?

​Our drivers guarantee efficient and reliable collection rounds. They ensure that the containers are emptied on time and that the collected material can go straight to sorting. Because we strongly believe in the power of inclusion, we work with long-term unemployed and disadvantaged groups. We do this in close cooperation with a Flemish sheltered workplace.



The sorted qualitative material is sold in our own shop(s) in Belgium and with what cannot be sold, due to being too substandard, our partners work to provide an alternative, environmentally-friendly solution for it.

One such solution is the fiberisation of these textiles, after which they can be spun and woven again. It is this circular textile that we incorporate into our accessories.


Proceeds from the sale of clothing, like the proceeds from the sale of be the fibre products, contribute to sustainable development projects worldwide.

We Make Hope (WMH), a belgian non-profit organisation that has been a certitude within development cooperation for almost 40 years, supports sustainable projects financially, logistically and materially.

Your contribution is therefore not only a solution for a more sustainable environment, but also a contribution to a more humane society.

By choosing be the fibre, you make a double contribution. By donating what you no longer wear, you can help make a difference: for people and the environment. You give people new opportunities and help close the circle. Would you like to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us.