Be the fibre. Be the Change


As a non-profit brand specialising in textile recycling services and circular products, our mission is intertwined with We Make Hope vzw (WMH), a Flemish non-profit textile recycling organisation with nearly 40 years of dedication.

Our commitment to reducing textile waste in Belgium is simple and impactful. Through 'Be the fibre. Be the change' containers placed in concept stores such as Yuman Circular Village, Cameleon in Brussels, Moose in the City in Antwerp, Supergoods in Ghent, Harvest in Leuven, and with containers at our retail partners such as AS Adventure, JBC, Torfs, Bel&Bo, you have the chance to help make a difference. By donating your old clothes, you actively contribute to reducing textile waste in Belgium!

In cooperation with WMH, discarded textiles are collected and recycled according to the principles of the circular economy. Proceeds from the sale of collected clothes and our circular products play a central role in sustainable development projects supported by WMH worldwide.

Recycled goods for good people


What cannot be sold because it is of low quality is mechanically recycled into a new fibre-to-fibre fabric, made from a mix of recycled old clothes, polyester and plastic bottles. The design and production of our bags are local and take place in a sheltered workspace in Flanders.


Be the fibre-shops making clothes last


Our drivers ensure that the containers are emptied quickly and the collected materials find their way to a sheltered workspace in Flanders to be sorted. The hand-selected clothes and accessories are then given a second life in our 'be the fibre' second-hand shops in Boechout and Balen.